Hello and welcome to our Sacred Birman cattery homepage!

My name is Kati Valkenpert. I’m owner of Sacred Birman cat since 2003 and owner of Sacred Birman cattery Sweet Katicat since 29.10.2009.
I was one of breeders who founded Estonian Sacred Birman Breed Club at 2012 and member of the board 2012-2018.

We live in Estonia in capital city of Tallinn.

The first Sacred Birman cat we had in 2003. It was lovely seal point male Karl-Gustav (with home name Kalju). IC EST*Karl-Gustav Klaudia was the first a Sacred Birman cat in our family. He was friend of our children. The memory of him lives on in our hearts. Unfortunately, he got into the blood glot and he died too early. This beautiful stud is the reason why Birman breed is our favorite. Karl-Gustav came to as at the 2003 from Estonian cattery Klaudia. His mother’s Neige-Cristal´s Tendresse (SBIg), was the first Sacred Birman female in Estonia. Ancestral genealogy runs from the ancient cats. These are the names Madalpour and Kabaa. As you can read more about our website in the history of the Sacred Birman.

I decided to start breeding these wonderful cats seriously in 2009. This is my hobby and I love Sacred Birman cats.

Currently we have a lot of Sacred Birman cats. They come from Estonia, Russia, Netherland, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, Italy and Greece. Also we kept for cattery our own breed females Alizeé, Demi, Pretty-Elena, Isabella, Lucy, Mercedes, Rebecca …

15.11.2012 was created Sacred Birman Estonian Breed club. Me, Klaudia Soots and Ivar Eensoo founded this club. Which is also the very first cat breed club in Estonia that’s aimed at one specific breed of cats.

All cats of our cattery living at home with our family members. We do not keep our cats and kittens in cages. The adult cats have the opportunity to walk around the garden. Cats live an active life with us every day.

If you have questions or interested about kittens, please write to me kindly this way or send ordinary e-mail – sweetkaticat.info@gmail.com