EE*Dulcinea HerenciaCH EE*Bruce Sweet Katicat
SBI c21 – lilac tabby pointSBI a – blue point

Sacred Birman Special Show 2021 – best male

A – blood group
FIV/FELV – negative FIV/FLV – negative

I2 – 16.08.2022.


4th generation inbreeding 0% and Complete inbreeding is 29,9%


InricusmaleSBI a21breeding?under observation
ImremaleSBI a?under observation
IngvarmaleSBI a?under observation
Iti-InekefemaleSBI abreeding?booked
InvictusmaleSBI a?under observation

The most anxious moments of August have now passed and the I2 litter has been born nicely. Dulcinea is with co-owned. So she lives with owners Kaja and Tarmo. They receive 24/7 help(advice and guidance) kindly provided by me. Kittens will certainly receive all the necessary documents and vaccines, just like other kittens from Sweet Katicat. I will also do my best to get nice pictures and enough information on the website. The father of the kittens is Bruce – who is also the best male of the 2021 Sacred Birman Special Show. If you dreamed a sacred birman kitten with purple or bluish tones can write to us right now.

5 weeks old kittens

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