EE*Lovely Wally KlaudiaBW21 MD*Mira Shanti Fantastic Tiger
SBI f – seal tortie pointSBI n21 – seal tabby point
2 * CAC2*NOM!
Baltic Winner Show 2021 Best junior!
A – blood groupA – blood group
FIV/FeLV- negativeFIV/FeLV- negative
PKD – not testedPKD – genotype noncarrier N/N

K2 – 25.04.2023.


6 generation of inbreeding 0% and complete inbreeding 29,7%

The mother of this litter lives with Natalia family. Natalia previously worked with Klaudia. She has already raised a few litters in Klaudia’s cattery. After Klaudia’s death, Natalia and I decided to work together. This litter will also receive with FIFe pedigrees and will be vaccinated (as Sweet Katicat kittens usually are). This is a litter with an exclusive pedigree for our cattery. The color options of the kittens are very wide. Let them grow and develop peacefully.


KevinbabybluepawSBI d21?pet?available
KipperbabybluepawSBI e21?petavailable
KramerbabybluepawSBI d21?breeding?under observation
KendrababybluepawSBI f21?breeding?will stay with us?